• Grillkåtan Elin 9,2, mysig stuga, 15 sittplatser
  •  Delivered as pre-fabricated sections
  • All windows are insulated glass
  • The door is 175cm high, with approved cylinder lock and three keys
  • Manufactured with dense fibrous pine from northern Sweden
  • Walls are double tongued 45*145
  • Grill and chimney are included

Accessory Pack

Each model has an accessory pack or an decor package with fitted content after model and size. On each model you can see which accessory pack we recommend but of course if a different accessory package is in your taste you can choose that one.

GRILL and chimney

We buy our quality grills and chimneys from Finnish company Polar Metalli OY.
The grill is placed in the center of the barbecuehouse and has wooden tables around it. You can unhook the tables from the grill and have them in you lap when eating. The tables should covered with some water resistent coating or oil, It will make cleaning the tables easier.
The grill is very versatile and easy to use. It can be used with wood, grill briquettes or charcoal.
The chimney is telescopic, so the fumehood can be lowered or raised after liking. The grill and chimney can be chosen in the different colours. Click here to se the colours and some very delicious recipes.

WallsHalvrund timmer

Walls are fabricated with double tongued pine. Dimensions are 45*145. Why do we use double tongued? They make the wall very stable and the more dense which keeps cold and moisture outside.  It is a little more expensive than ordinary but it is quality we look for! Windows are mounted in our factory, as is the liner board and lists. Look at the dense rings of the timber on the right.


The roof is made of pine paneling, we also deliver the roofs ready with the roof shingles already in place. the roof shingles can be chosen from 4 different colours to you liking. The shingles comes from IcoPal and is very durable against different weather.

The colour of the roof shingle is optional at no extra cost.

The roof shingle we use is very weather durable and works excellent in our nordic climate.


Wooden floors are included in all our models. a tongued pine flooring is optional which also has woodenjoist under and can be insulated.