Barbecuehouse Selma 9,2


  • Sittingplaces for 15 people
  • 5 windows
  • 3 foldable sleeping benches
  • Hexagonal
  • Accessory pack 1
  • M6 Grill
  • Wall height 132cm

This is the same model as barbecue house Elin but the difference is bigger and more windows. Barbecue house Selma has windows on every wall and they are bigger.

The cabin has four windows with height 55,5cm, width 102cm and one smaller measuring 37,5cm height, 77cm width and can be opened. Often placed across the door in the back wall for the airflow.

This is the alternative for you who has good views and want to be able to see more.

The versatile grill and chimney is included and can be chosen in three different colors.

The product is delivered on a pallet sized W120*L240*H240 cm, weight 1100kg.

The barbecue house is delivered in pre-fabricated modules ready for assembly and easy. The windows are already assembled on the walls, as is roof shingles. The assembly requires at least 2 person and about 8 hours of work before you can start to grill.

The benches are equipped with three foldable sleeping benches, good for the nap after dinner.