Mega barbecuehouse Mathilda 14,9

till hemsida

  • Sittingplaces for 21 people
  • 4 windows, 2 can be opened
  • Octagonal
  • 3 fold-out sleeping boards
  • Wall height 132 cm

A bigger model of the barbecue house.

Mega barbecue house is very spacious and very suitable for camping places, schools. Where bigger crowds of people meet to have fun or conference. Also very like as hunting cabin in the woods. What else can be more perfect than this after a long day hunting in the rainy cold autumn to come here to grill your lunch and boil a pan of coffee.


On three of the benches you can fold-out a sleeping board.

Fireplaces have long been the meetingpoint. On this versatile grill you can cook food or why not have a big hot griddle and make pancakes. Juicy pancakes which you can only gett from a cast iron pan over fire. Favourite amongs the children, even the older.
You can use dry wood, charcoal or grill briquettes. The grill and chimney comes in three different colors.

The grill house has four windows and two can be opened. Size of window is H37,5*B77 cm.

The Mega barbecue house can be ordered with higher walls, the windows placement higher and bigger.

Accessory pack or also called decor package is optional to this product. It contains reindeer skins, wooden plates, wooden cups, cutlery, “reindeer horn flour” and more.
“Reindeer horn flour” is called lapp peoples viagra.

The roof has weatherproof shingles and can be chosen in four different colors, black, grey, red or green.

The versatile grill and telescopic chimney is included and can be chosen in three lovely colors.
We have also from customers wishes built an changing table so that the toddlers can be changed on a warm reindeer skin.

The mega barbecue house is delivered on a pallet sized Width120*Length290*Height240 cm, weight 1500kg. It comes in pre-fabricated modules ready for assembly. The assembly takes at least 2 people and about 8 hours of work before you can start your grill. Assembly instructions included.

Comment from customer:

“Hi we have finished assembling the barbecue house Mathilda we got last week, was super nice!” 20131125