BBQ & Sauna Meija 14,9


  • Octagonal, oval
  • 3 windows on the barbecue side and 1 n the sauna that can be opened
  • Kota Luosto VS stove
  • 5 sitting places in the sauna
  • 10 sitting places around the grill
  • Accessory package 4


Combination hut Meija is our latest addition in our product line. A hut with many purposes. It has both sauna and barbecue area under the same roof. A panel wall separates them and has a glass door in to the sauna. You can choose which side you want sauna and barbecue area should be for you.

A versatile grill with wooden tables around it is included in two different colors you can choose from; antique copper and black. Chimney is telescopic and can be risen or lowered depending on your needs. Now chimneys also have a butterfly damper can be close when you are done grilling, it also keeps rain, snow away.

The sauna stove is an Kota Luosto VS (VS mean hot water jacket built-in) stove. It is an good quality stove from finnish Narvi. Kota Luosto VS has soon for half century preserved and developed the finnish sauna tradition with its first class durability and relaxing sauna. Kota Luosto is designed for the diligent sauna bather, heats up fast with small amount of wood. Also with the built in hot water jacket around the stove you get warm water quickly. Also as you can have you water bucket on the floor when filling it with hot water its much safer than having the hot water jacket attached to the chimney.