Gazebo Ellen 13

  • Sitting places for 17 people
  • Five windows, one can be openedLusthus Ellen 13
  • Double door with windows
  • Two fold out sleeping benches
  • Hexagonal
  • M6 grill

A more spacious gazebo than Ellen 9,2. A beautiful jewel in the garden and also practical grill place. The grill is centered in the gazebo and has a variety of uses when it comes to cooking, you can for example grill, wok, fry, boil… Just your imagination that sets the limits. We have gathered few recipes here.

The wall height is 175 cm. window size is 75*154. Windows on all walls, one can be opened.

Foundation can be made with gravel, concrete. Remember an intake pipe for air for the grill.

Floor that is included is a wooden deck floor. On the photos below you can see a tongued pine flooring with insulation which can be ordered as extra.