Gazebo Ellen 9,2


  • Sitting places for 15 people
  • Five big windows, on can be opened
  • Three fold-out sleeping benches
  • Hexagonal
  • Accessory package 2, as optional
  • M6 grill
  • Wall height 175 cm

Gazebo Ellen is the first gazebo we started producing. Grill, chimney, benches are included in the product. Grill and chimney can be chosen from the different colors, Black, Antique copper or grey.

If you want you can get it without benches and grill, instead decorate it with garden table and chair for example.

Gazebo has a beautiful double door with big windows that can be locked. And the rest of the five walls also has big double windows which lets in a lot of light. Window on one wall can be opened. Usually placed opposite to the door for cross draft.