I have questions about an product. What should i do?
E-mail or call us. You can find contact info here

What is the delivery time?
Delivery time from order to delivery varies depending on the time of season. During spring and summer it can be up to 8 weeks but normally 4 weeks. During autumn and winter it is 2 weeks. Its better to check with us for more accurate delivery time.

How do i order?
You can order by e-mail, calling us, visiting our factory or from a seller at a market.

What information do i need to have ready when ordering?

  • Name
  • Billing address
  • Delivery address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Social security number (Only applicable in Sweden for credit control, abroad only prepayment)
  • Cabin model
  • Optionals you want in your order
  • Color of the roof
  • Grill and chimney color (When ordering barbecuehouse)
  • Desired delivery time

After you order you will get and order confirmation sent to you either by e-mail or postal service.
You need to verify the order and make sure everything is correct as we build the cabin just as the order confirmation says. So to avoid faults in delivery it is important that you double check the order confirmation and inform us as soon as possible if you see anything wrong with it.  Within 8 days of receiving the order confirmation need to be informed to us.

How do i pay?
When ordering within Sweden a credit control need to made if you choose invoice payment. the invoice needs to be paid within 10 days. If credit control fails the payment needs to be done by bank transfer before delivery. For Swedish customer we also can provide financing via Wasa Kredit.

For customers outside of Sweden only way of payment is bank transfer to us before delivery.

Can i get my order delivered home to me?
Ofcourse! There are two requirments for home delivery. There needs to be road made for heavy trucks and that you have arranged for a tractor or another loading machine with palletforks to lift the pallet. Costs for tractor or unloading equipment is paid by the customer. Arctic Wood AB will not pay unloading costs.

How is the delivery shipped?
The order is on a pallet. Size and weight of the complete order depends on the model ordered, from 1100kg and up. We have an agreement with the shipping company Schenker. They come to us daily to collect goods. One day before delivery Schenker will notify receiver a time when to be prepared for unloading.

How is the hottub shipped?
The hot tub is wrapped in plastic and fastened on a pallet. It will be standing vertical. The pallet will weigh approx. 200kg. We have an agreement with the shipping company Schenker. They come to us daily to collect goods. One day before delivery Schenker will notify receiver a time when to be prepared for unloading.

I cannot arrange for unloading equipment, what can i do?
Schenker can leave the pallet at nearest terminal for you to pick it up or you can get home delivery with crane truck by Schenker (this is to be paid by receiver of order and you need to contact schenker for this, Arctic Wood AB will not pay for this service) Then Schenker will reload your goods to a truck with crane and unload at delivery address.

If unsure you can contact us and we can see what facilities Schenker has to delivery the pallet to you.

What countries do you deliver to?
We deliver to all the EU countries and Norway, contact our customers service for possible delivery. Also if you live outside of the countries mentioned above contacts us for information.

Can i collect my order from factory and avoid shippings costs?
Of course, You can collect your order straight from us at the factory to avoid shippings costs.

Do you have cabins in stock?
No, none of our cabins are in stock. They are fabricated at order for fresh product at delivery. Untreated wood will discolor if we would keep them in stock for too long, So when we ship your order they are freshly fabricated from fresh wood.

How can i pay?
We offer bank transfer, invoice, or financing via Wasa Kredit depending on country what is availible. for abroad customers bank transfer before shipment.

What is the requirments for financing via Wasa Kredit?
Requirements are:

  • Over 20 years
  • No payment defaults
  • Permanent employment
  • Registered for census in Sweden at least for 3 years
  • Yearly income of over 110 000kr

Payment can be split from 3 months up to 36 months. Contact as for more information

My product was damaged at delivery, What should i do?
Always try to control the package when it is delivered, and you should inform both Schenker and us at Arctic Wood AB about the damage.

Can i use your product photos for an article or in my blog etc?
Ofcourse, but you need to mention owner of the photos which is Arctic Wood AB (http://www.arcticwood.se) If you need higher resolution photos for printed article contacts us and we will arrange it for you. Just e-mail as a list of the products you need photos of.

Who is Arctic Wood AB?
We are an company in north Sweden where we pre fabricate different garden houses, grills, garden bridges etc. In our product line you can find different models and sizes of saunas, with some optional dressing room, relax rooms etc. Barbecuehouses and gazebos in different sizes, from cozy little cottage with small windows to a 62 square metres double with sauna in one end and barbecue house on the other. We have tried to find a model for every taste and need.

If your looking for a garden spa then we have the hottub with wood stove. Why not a sauna with porch and hottub outside for the perfekt Friday evening?

If your have your own idea or want to make changes to an already existing model don’t hesitate to contact us, most ideas are viable.

We also have an webshop where we sell products for spa and sauna. Supplementing supply for our sauna customers. www.webshop.arcticwood.se. In the webshop you cannot order sauna or barbecue houses, only accessories can be ordered from the webshop.

How did Arctic Wood AB start?
Our products hit the market first time year 2005 thru company Seskarö Bygg och Hyvleri. Year 2010 it was time to take the next step and reconstruct the company to a limited company and because of exporting and contact with customers abroad the name needed to be changed for a more international form. So now the company is called Arctic Wood AB and 2015 is our 10th anniversary. 2010 we also found more suiting facilities. So we moved to our new factory in Nikkala, a village west of the small town of Haparanda. We have our own factory and handle all sales straight from here. Saunas are a very important part of our culture and that can be seen in our sauna models. We want to share our knowledge about saunas. To get more people the opportunity to feel the pleasure and cleanliness you get from taking a sauna. We have thought about all the important aspects in an sauna. Because we our self are frequent bathers it has made us picky to get the right feeling in an sauna and also it has to look good.

How do we at Arctic Wood think about protecting the nature?
We are very keen on making sure we try to protect the nature in the best way we can. When we buy materials for our products we choose local suppliers to minimize the transportation and also to try and help keeping the jobs in local areas. The wood we use in our product are mainly slow growing dense fibrous pine from Northern parts of Sweden.

I would like to see the product before i make up my mind, what should i do?
We have some showroom barbecuehouses and saunas at the factory, the products that can be seen at out factory are Bastu kåtan Royal 9,2Lusthus Ellen 9,2, och Grillkåta Elin 9,2. Our resellers also have some showroom cabins in south Sweden. Contact us for more information

Hur skall jag behandla min stuga utvändigt?                                                                                               All the products are untreated and should be coated after liking, for example oil or glaze. To paint is not something we recommend as the wood is so finely planed the paint will not stick for long.

How should i treat my new sauna or barbecue house inside?
All the products are untreated wood also on the inside. On the inside color paint sticks better, you can also oil or varnish. Tables should be treated with some varnish for easier cleaning. Floors should be varnished with some boat varnish, just make sure it doesen have to high gloss at it will make floor slippery.

How do i treat my sauna on the inside?
Benches should be treated with paraffin oil, and should be recoated when needed. The benches are a lot easier to keep clean when maintained with oil. In our webshop we also have colored sauna wax. If a little color is what you want, wax is a good alternative. Wax also keeps the benches form getting too hot. Wax can also be used for the wall and sealing, For more sauna accessories check out our webshop

We need to get in with wheelchair in our cabin, can it be arranged?
It can be arranged, We put in a wider door and take away one of the benches next to the door so that the wheel chair has room.

How do i prepare the foundation for the barbecuehouse?
You can do the foundation several ways, the most usual is gravel on top of an groundcover. Gravel and leca blocks to lift up the cabin walls, or you can do a concrete foundation. But which ever method is for you please remember that you need three in airtakes (á 100 mm * 3). Its needed so that the grill gets air for the chimney to work. We have blueprints for each model, contact us to get it for the model you are buying.

What kinda pipe should be used for the air intakes?
PVC Sewage pipes are easiest and you can get the corners done properly if needed. Important to remember is that the chimney will need air also during winter times. The pipe on the outside should go up a bit from the ground for the snow not to cover airflow, also you can add a 90 degree angle on the outside to keep rain and snow from going in the pipe.

Chimney is not working, a lot of smoke inside. What should i do?
If you have prepared the foundation after our instructions you can try and cover part of the air intake pipe. Its the air pressure that determines how much air is needed. And perhaps you are getting too much air in the cabin, if that is the case you can add cover in the floor where air comes in to regulate airflow better.

How should i prepare the foundation for the sauna?
Also here you can do it several ways. de most usual way is to do a suspended foundation with graven, groundcover and leca blocks or garden/quarry tiles. In a sauna the water will run out under the stove in the hexagonal and octagonal saunas. With leca blocks or quarry tiles you will raise the walls for the air to circulate under the floor, otherwise you can get problems with moisture and mold. Also the foundation should be tilted so the water runs towards the middle (tilt approx 2-3cm). You can also you concrete foundation, just remember to do a sewage piping, Contact us for foundation blueprints.

Why does it take so long for the sauna to get warm?
If the stones are to tight in the oven then it wont get warm as the heat has no chans of going up thru the stones. Place the biggest stones on the bottom as sparsely as possible and the smallest on top.

I have question about how to assemble, what can i do?
Contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions. Feedback in the assembly instuctions are always welcome for us to make them even better.