For the sauna

Treatment package
We had a lot of questions how to treat the saunas interior so we took out a treatment package that includes materials to treat walls, roof, floor and benches. Because varnished surfaces gets hot you should not varnish walls,benches and roof. But the floor should be varnished for extra protection against water.

Whats included:
2,7 litres varnish for the floor (its an boat varnish)
2,7 litres special oil for walls and the roof
1 litre parraffin oil

Wall lamp
The lamp is often placed under the benches for a more pleasant lighting. The photo on the right shows lamp under the benches. Lamp requires you to install electrics in the sauna.

Led lights for the ceiling
Led lights are usually placed high in the ceiling above the stove. Photo on the right shows two leds in the ceiling. Led light can be bought in 6- or 12-pack. Lamps requires electronics in the sauna.