Grill and chimney

Quality grills and chimneys are delivered to us from Finland by Polar Metalli OY.
The grill has wooden tables around it. You can also unhook the tables from the grill and have them in you lap while eating. The grill is very versatile and easy to use. Can be used with charcoal, briquettes or wood. The chimney is of telescope model, the foom hood can be lowered or risen if needed. Grill and chimney can be ordered in three different colors which are Grey, Antique copper or black.

The grill is manufactured from electroplated steel and coated with paint that withstands heat which gives them a very long lifespan. To have a durable and easy maintained grill is everyday luxury.  Besides the ways to heat the grill you can choose how to cook the food: grill as usual, smoke or cook over flames. At the end of this page you can find few recipes. You can easily fix up something for every taste.

Around the fireplace you have wooden tables that can be un-hooked. The tables should be coated with varnish for easier cleaning. We recommend that you treat the tables with varnish before use. The grill has an fire screen.

Ashtray is easy to empty.

In the winter you can for example use dry wood to get the cabin heated also and on warm summer days use charcoal instead.

The chimney is of telescope model, which can be risen or lowered easily with the crank.



Broil with the grill

Spray the grill grate with oil and place the fishes on grate. Attach a adjustable grate made of stainless steel over the fishes so that they wont fall off when you turn them.

The grill is a very effective heat source during the winter so you wont have to get cold while cooking.

Usage information

If it becomes very smoky inside: check that the wood is dry (dont use wood with bark because it will produce more smoke).  Make sure that the supply of replacement air is sufficient, for example open the door while you light the grill. Always start with a small amount of firewood or coal. When the hood is heated it will improve the draft.

FLAMe roast

Put a few small dry birch wood on the grill, some charcoal and little lighter fluid or ignition cubes. Light the grill and let it burn for a while with airflow on max in the grill. Put som tinfoil on grill grate so that the tinfoil reaches down to the fire (to get fats to flow down to the fire, keeps rest of the grill clean). When the charcoal is smouldering you can slowly close the airflow to the grill to get heat that lasts longer.

Put the fillet of fish on the tinfoil (skin side against the tin foil) and secure the fish to the grate with another grate on top made of stainless steel.

The correct distance can be measured with placing your hand between the fire and fish, if it doesen’t burn your hand the the temperature is good (warm but should not burn your hand). Grease the fish with butter once in a while, it prevents the fish form getting dry and the stainless steel grate from sticking to the fish. If you want to salt the fish do it 2-3 hours before cooking, then you wont need to add salt to the butter.

If the fish is getting only done on one end you can turn the flame roast grate so that the un-done side gets closer to the fire.

This is a safe way for flame roasting because there can be a risk that wood ignites around the grill without the tinfoil protection. add some charcoal/wood once in a while to maintain heat.


Heat the griddle before usage. Coat it with oil when its hot enough saturated and the surface turns dark. When its evenly oiled in you can add butter or oil for cooking.

Add some water after usage, and heat the griddle then clean it with paper and spatula. Wipe the griddle and then coat it with oil again.

With an griddle you can easily cook fantastic food on your grill.  Try fresh pineapple wedges with honey, zucchini, parika, onion and champignon halves in the griddle. flavor it with some oil, cream and fresh cheese. After own taste. The griddle keeps warm a long time and can be used for stakes to pancakes and vegetables.


500 g small fresh potatos

1 l Fresh strawberrier

100 g feta cheese

3 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp butter

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp salt

1 tsp chili seasoning

1 dl fresh basil leaves

Boil the potato. Excessive water should be poured out and let the potato cool. Split the strawberries in a bowl then add the feta cheese in cubes.

Heat up the griddle. Split the potato also in halves and add them in the griddle with oil. Add the butter and seasoning. Let the potatoes turn a bit brown on all sides. Set the potatoes on a plate and let cool for a while then add the basil leaves in the bowl with the strawberries, then add potato and mix them gently. Serve with stake or sausage.