Sauna hut Erik 9,9

  • Octagonal
  • Sitting places for 5 people on the benches
  • 3 windows
  • Accessory pack 3
  • Dressingroom
  • Kota Luosto VS Stove

This sauna is perfect for the family, for 5 people on the benches. It also has an dressingroom with two windows. The wall separating sauna from dressingroom has an tinted glass door to the sauna. The dressingroom you can decorate for example with table and chairs.
The sauna is built after older standards within the sauna culture. A newer model in our product line but also the most requested.

The stove Kota Luosto VS is included and gives a very pleasant heat. The stove also has a hot water jacket (30 litres) built in. Heating time is approx. 30-50 minutes in the summer and 1-2 hours during northern winters.

A tongued and wood joist floor in pine is included in the sauna. You can optionally choose insulation for the floor, that also shortens the heating time and you get rid of the cold downdraughts.

Benches are rounded in shapes for more comfort, therefor the name Royal. The wood in the benches are fir.

    • Isolation for the floor (50mm, styrofoam)
    • Interior treatment package, includes three different oil, varnish and parraffin to protect the wood in the best way possible from moisture.
    • Change the benches to heat-treated aspen or another sort of wood.
    • Sauna accessories you can find in our webshop.

What should the sauna be placed on?
You can place it on suspended foundation with gravel and light weight cinder block. When you then assemble the floor you should make a 2cm slope from the outer to center for the water to drain via the opening under your stove. It is important that the floor gets ventilation from the bottom to dry. You can also do a concrete foundation with an drain pipe for the water.