Sauna Royal 9,2


  • Hexagonal
  • Sitting places for 5 people in the sauna
  • 2 windows
  • Accessory pack 3
  • Kota Luosto VS stove
  • No dressingroom


This wood-heated sauna gives your comforting heat and good relaxation. Suitable for family sauna. The nice wood-burning stove Kota Luosto VS has an hot water tank (30 litres) and glass door. Can be ordered without hot water jacket and a fine stone tray instead, that stove is called Kota Inari. Thru the glass door you can see the live fire crackling.
Under the stove you have a stainless steel floor protection because the stove gets hot under and should not be installed directly on the wood flooring. Also a protection if something hot would fall out while filling the stove with more wood.

The benches are formed to be comfortable and beautiful, made from fir therefore name of the benches, Royal. A footrest is attached to the lower benches where you can rest your feet and also act as fall protection. The chimney is insulated in the part that is closest to the wood in the ceiling to prevent heating the wood.

There is also an extra lower washing bench. Saunas also have two windows measuring 37,5*77cm and are placed on both sides of the door.

If you wish to get more than candle light in the sauna you can purchase a wall lamp or led lights from our webshop.


  • Isolation for the floor (50mm, styrofoam)
  • Interior treatment package, includes three different oil, varnish and parraffin to protect the wood in the best way possible from moisture.
  • Change the benches to heat-treated aspen or another sort of wood.
  • Sauna accessories you can find in our webshop.